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Project Management

Our aim is to ensure the project is properly scoped, resourced & managed to meet stated objectives on time and within budget

Marketing & Branding

We understand the different ways to promote your product or service which results in generating revenue for your business.

Winning Strategies

We help clients make bold moves to beat the odds and build enduring value.

IT Services

Business doesn't happen face to face as often as some would like. Our Cloud Services with Technology bridges the gap.


We at Genitek use the MOST (mission, objectives, strategies, tactics), SWOT, gap analysis and other techniques.


We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals.

Our Methodology- Four Pillar Framework


There is always more money on the table than you think. We at Genitek set Aspirational targets as "we are open to doing things differently", which was not considered in the past.



Processes are defined or evolve de facto to address specific tasks. At Genitek we do a detailed assessment of your core activities and process mapping & accelerate the digitization of your business processes.



We focus on the development of the individual or team through a range of strategies/activities that aim to achieve current business goals meet future challenges & build capacity for change.


Creative Ideas

Our fresh, innovative solutions are designed to grow your customer base and optimize ROI. You don't need to struggle to determine which existing ideas to support and scale.


We are working with clients to mobilize for change, shape winning strategies and drive execution.

We work with India's smaller and medium segment companies(SMEs)- helping several become national champions-and with smaller, dynamic ones looking to accelerate value creation. We partner with business leaders to help drive growth, create skills and jobs, and strengthen services such as education and health in our society.

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Reinventing IT to support digitization. Tinkering and short-term fixes aren't enough.

Digitization changes the demands on IT in three principal ways. First, digitization requires increasingly sophisticated technology. Netflix's recommendation system, for example, analyzes terabytes of data to successfully recommend 70 percent of customer choices. Even coffee chains are now introducing sophisticated mobile-payment and loyalty apps.

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Factors which help software companies make the move from selling packaged products to offering online subscriptions and services.

Cloud computing is moving closer to the center of executives' strategy discussions. Faster processing speeds, better network connections, the ubiquity of mobile devices and big data, and other technological advances are making it more appealing for companies in all industries to purchase their SaaS.

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  • Highly Effective Strategies to Build Your Business Brand.
    The name of your game is "traffic".

    Former Nike & Starbucks executive ScottBedbury said: 'A brand is a story always being told'. The more people that come through your doors means more dollars in your cash register at the end of the day. We at Genitek determine your brand's target audience.

  • Having a good, or great, Social Media presence can help your business grow
    like wildflowers. Transforming your business through social media marketing.

    In today's market, harnessing the power of social media is a must if you want to grow your business and grow your brand. After all, if Facebook users constituted a country, it would be the world's third largest, behind China and India. We at Genitek use social media tool to produce real, measurable, results that impact a business' bottom line.

  • As per Forbes - Somewhere between 80-90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase and this number is only expected to increase. Do you want them to be able to locate your business, or not?

    Without organic SEO marketing also referred to as Search Engine Optimization in place, people will have a very hard time finding you and will instead find your competitors. We at Genitek follow Google Webmaster's Guidelines and use tools to make you visible online. Don't be fooled by agencies who "guarantee" top rankings in search results and put their focus only on keywords.

  • Leaders and laggards in enterprise cloud infrastructure adoption. Investments in organizational capabilities rather than specific technology choices separate the leaders from the laggards.

    IT departments spend a good time to justify the return of their investments. However, software investments, taking a significant portion of the investments, are often neglected. Why do you need to invest in cloud services / cloud hosting solutions? We at Genitek evaluate your online requirement & guide you to purchase your cloud services/cloud hosting.

The best technology available in a cost-effective package

Earn quick and easy revenue

Pick the right market, ideally a limitless market or Google's addressable market with millions of end points - Figure out the best way to capture the value created by your company's offering which will increase the demand - Market Analysis - Rapid Adoption - Social services and agressive local media coverage


Bridging strategy and execution - Helping our clients to achieve great things is what drives us. We continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients, and aim to anticipate their future needs.


We help make change happen - We support clients at every level of their organization, in whatever capacity we can be most useful, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or IT/Non-IT support for it's employees.


It's no secret - innovation is difficult for well-established companies. By and large, they are better executors than innovators, and most succeed less through game-changing creativity than by optimizing their existing businesses.

Leading positions in attractive
segments and markets

Building brands in emerging markets - As the rapid growth of emerging markets gives millions of consumers new spending power. Product choices and communication channels are exploding; so is the potential of digital platforms; and, as everywhere, consumer empowerment is on the rise.

The decison journey of consumers starts with initial consideration, when a consumer first decides to buy a product or service and thinks of a few brands; active evaluation, when the consumer researches potential purchases; closure, when the consumer selects a brand at the moment of purchase; and postpurchase, when the consumer experiences the product or service selected. They are as relevant for emerging markets as they are elsewhere.


We provide unique and tailored solutions for various industries

What we do

You can jazz it up, tie it in a pretty little bow and offer it at the best price - But none of this matters. Even with the best product in the world, your business is doomed to fail if no one knows about it.

You've printed flyers, you've sent out mailers, you've blasted your social-media followers but you're still not getting the lead flow you need to grow your company into the next billion-dollar brand. Well, there are hundreds of ways to generate leads, so don't hang your head.


Developing your opportunities within your business sector

  • Genitek Solutions is rated as one of the Top 30 most valuable Tech companies.

    Insights Success Magazine, Nov'17 edition.
  • Genitek Solutions is rated as one of the Top 25 Most Promising Marketing Consultants in India.

    Consultants Review Magazine, Oct,15 edition.
  • Genitek Solutions is rated as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Management Strategy Consultant Companies.

    Silicon India, Nov,16 edition.
  • Genitek Solutions - Providing Companies Management Consulting Edge.

    e-Gov Magazine, Apr,16 edition.
  • ...Genitek has a vision to become global player in Design, contributing to build better living world.

    Design Matrix, Nov-Dec'13 edition.